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Missing Classmates

Some of our classmates are truly missing. We don't have a clue where they are.  There are others for whom we thought that we had current email addresses, phone numbers and/or mailing addresses, that have not responded to our repeated contact attempts so we don't know if our information is bad or if they are not interested in maintaining contact.  If you find your name on the list and would like to be kept abreast of classmate news and upcoming gatherings, please send us an email with your telephone number and postal mailing address. 

A - J K-Z

Ackerman, David Kenneth
Bailey, Linda
Baty, Rosemary
Bennett, Gloria Joyce (Bowen)
Bishop, Mollie Faye (Howe)
Boatright, Norma Jean (Carver)
Bowen, James "Jimmy" Lester
Brewster, James Edward
Brown, Gwendolyn Jane
Bryant, Anita (White)
Calhoon, John Francis
Cambell, James
Cannon, Sadie Nathalene
Cantrell, Sharon Gail
Cockle, Barbara Lydia
Colbert, Ronald Paul
Connell, Linda Kaye (Johnson)
Conner, Bertha Mae (Taylor)
Conner, Clifford Eugene
Covington, Gloria Elaine
Cox, Charles E.
Crawford, Patricia Ann
Culberson, Chearle Jean (Dodge)
Dean, Charles R.
Dean, Ronell
DeGrace, John B.
Dery, Joe
Drago, Theresa C.
Duff, Gerald Douglas
DuPont, Carol Ann (Shepherd)
Enfinger, Nancy Earlene (Hilling)
Feaster, Linda, Louise
Finch, Diana Young
Fishburne, Carol Jean (Wood)
Flake, Leonard H.
Gardner, Oscar Leon, Jr.
Gibbons, Michael Patrick
Goad, Myrna Lou (Vickery)
Goethe, Elizabeth Ann
Hamilton, Robert Tenford
Harrell, Jimmy Ray
Hicks, Connie Mae (Voll)
Hobson, Charles E.
Huffstetler, Johnny Delbert
Hughes, Herbert W.
Hughes, Viney Lou
James, Charles Edward
Jones, Frances Mae
Jones, John Paul
Jones, John Ronald

Keene, JoAnn (Barnes)
Kinsey, Ronnie W.
Korey, Dorothy T. (McGrew)
Lambert, Nancy Elaine (Wilson)
Lindsey, Mary lee (Dunster)
Lisenby, Bill M.
Meeks, Jo Ann
Menendez, Carlos Roger
Minchew, Richard Jay
Mosley, Sandra F. (Donald Kilgore Class of 62)
Nelson, Billy R.
Newland, Ralph Fisher
Oliver, Shirley J.
Paulk, Patricia (Altland)
Peters, Ralph Joseph
Petty, Dorothy Elaine (Holmes)
Pinkston, George W. "Billy"
Proctor, Joann (Larry Johnson)
Rawls, Brenda Joyce
Reid, Judith Ann (Schenck)
Rhoden, Dennis C.
Riggins, Rose R.
Roberts, Billie Jean
Scott, Bobby O.
Shaddix, Ellen Patricia (Robinson)
Shuff, Wilda Faye (Forrestal)
Sikes, George Madison
Silcox, Plawdis, Jr.
Smith, Gerald "Jerry" Edward
Smith, James A., Jr.
Smith, Linda Lee
Smith, Roger Jerry
Smith, Ronnie
Spires, Joe Royal
Stapleton, Bettie Lorraine (Hoerner)
Stephens, Barbara Ann
Stewart, Linda Ruth
Tanner, Ellen Diane
Teague, Doris Nell
Thompson, Donna Katheryn
Thornton, Ray Herbert
Touchton, Betty Annette
Vaughn, Barbara Jean
Wells, Patricia Ann
Williams, Carolyn Ann (Risley)
Williams, Glenda Dale (Smith)
Williams, Micky